With the winter months setting in, we will soon be hit with heavy rain, high winds and freezing temperatures and maybe even snow, as last winter was wet and mild, you can bet this one will be cold and nasty.

These conditions can damage your home, which for many people is their biggest investment, so with this is mind we have prepared a check list for you to use, to assist you in protecting not just your investment but more importantly your home.

If you highlight an issue don’t just leave it and say i will get the fixed later it will be ok, because you can guarantee it won’t be ok and will result in your home becoming damaged.

If it is to late then Concept Building Solutions are specialists in property insurance claims management and restoration so can help you with your claim, visit us at www.conceptpropertyclaims.co.uk or call on 0800 157 1020

Owners Check list:

Roof and associated areas to your home:

checkSteps you should look to take on the lead up to the winter months.

checkSweep Your Chimney

checkReplace any Loose Roof tiles/slates

checkCheck your ridge tiles are in place and in good condition

checkCheck your dry verge are in place

checkClean all gutters

checkEnsure down pipes are free of obstructions

Around the External of your home:

checkLag (insulate) any external water pipes.

checkCut loose and removed any overhanging tree branchesSecure any external object such as tables, chairs, BBQ etc

checkEnsure all fence panels and supports are in good condition and panels secure

checkCheck window frames are sealed and there are no visible signs of decay and or loose sealant.

checkCheck rendering and brick work for cracking

Around the internals of your home:

checkService your Boiler

checkRepair any dripping taps

checkInsulate your water storage tank/ emersion tank

checkInsulate your loft space

checkEnsure your property is vented to reduce condensation

checkLocate your stopcock and ensure it works and is not seized