A day in the life of a Concept Franchisee:

I chose Concept as my new business for many reasons, one in particular is the flexibility the business brings, don’t get me wrong It is at times hard work and pressured but in these days of modern technology I can choose to do a lot of my work when it suits me.

I may be in the office at 8.30am in the morning sending my emails or I may be meeting a loss adjuster at 3pm to discuss a claim, every day is different but that is what I love about the business.

So a typical day is as follows:

8.30am: I am in my office, (but I leave for work at 8.29am) It’s great to work from home! So at 8.30 I am in the office checking my appointments for the day, opening post and sending a few emails.

Next is breakfast, in the summer I will probably sit in the garden make a few phone calls then get ready for the day ahead. When I get in my car around 10am all the traffic is gone

10am: Today I have a meeting with a loss adjuster at 11am to discuss a claim, it’s about 30 minutes in the car so I set off early as I never want to be late, we meet at 11am have a good meeting on site and the claim is approved.

12.00pm: Its now 12 o’clock and my next meeting is round the corner to meet with a client who may have an insurance claim, There’s no point in going home so I make a couple of phone calls and go over to see my daughter who lives near to my next appointment, It’s nice to be able to spend a little time with her and maybe I will get a cup of coffee if I’m lucky!!

2pm: Onto the new claim, I spend an hour or so discussing the clients claim, we complete the letter of authority to allow me to manage the claim on their behalf and then I’m off home to speak to their insurance company.

3.30pm: I meet with my colleague Bernie, he handles the building contracts for me, we spend a couple of hours dealing with schedules and arranging works and discussing upcoming works, we often use the time to speak with some of the other franchisees in the network discussing our latest adventures.

Owning a franchise is great because you can always get advice and tips from your other colleagues in different regions.

6.00pm: Another day has gone and I just have a spare hour to go over to the golf driving range and hit a few balls and later this week I will make some time to play a few holes.

8.30pm: I will spend another 15 minutes looking at my emails seeing what challenges await us tomorrow, One thing’s for sure tomorrow will be different!!!.

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