Q. Who does Concept work for?

A. We work for you the policyholder and not the insurance company. The insurance company will have someone looking after their interests, in the main this will be a Loss Adjuster. Our role is to ensure your interests are looked after and a full and fair settlement is reached.

Q. Do I have to get quotes?

A. No, in a nutshell, if we are appointed as your claims representative, there is no need to gain additional quotes, as we will survey the damage and provide a full detailed report with cost to your insurer on your behalf. This is an unfair practice by insurance companies in any instance as they are putting you in a position to vet and quantify an appropriate contractor.

Q. Do I have to chase the insurance company?

A. Once you have signed a mandate we will handle all further contact with the insurance company and the loss adjuster or any other party.

We will be chasing on your behalf so you will have your one point of contact throughout your claim “Us”.  So no need for you to sit on hold for ages listening to let’s face it poor music.

Q. Do I have to meet the Loss Adjuster?

A. You may need to be present at the first meeting as the Loss Adjuster will ask you questions that relate to you personally, these will be in line with the questions asked when taking out the policy, however we will be present and will field all the claim related questions and will advise prior to the visit on the questions you will be asked.

Q. Do I have to find and manage the contactors?

A. You will not need to find any contractors as we will use our fully vetted, qualified & insured trades people to undertake all approved works to the highest of standards, as we know what your home means to you.

Q. Do I have to pay for this service?

A. The service is free to use if we undertake all works, as we are paid by your insurance company of all works undertaken. The only outlay for you is your policy excess.